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Well Construction
Geological prognosis, Offset Well Analysis, Well Planning & Engineering, Operations Management, Well Handover.
Through our project consultancy, we provide superior engineering covering bottom hole assemblies (BHA) design, well planning and drilling fluids engineering.

Well Intervention

Coiled Tubing, Wireline Intervention Services, Slickline Services, Thru-Tubing Intervention Decommissioning & Abandonment
We aim to advise the client on services that extend the life of producing wells by improving performance or providing access to stranded or additional hydrocarbon reserves. These Workover services include

  • Wireline intervention services
  • Slickline services
  • Coil Tubing
  • Thru-tubing intervention tools and services
  • Fishing Services


Early Production Facilities, Production Logging, Perforating, Production Monitoring, Production Optimization

Faced with infrastructure challenges in the growing industry, especially for indigenous or small scale participants, we aim provide the early production facilities to reduce time to first crude, critical to the success of these players.
For mature fields with proven economic viability, we evaluate long-term reservoir performance, augment or replace failing natural lifting systems with the intention of sustaining or increasing production.
As specialist in Workover services, we advise on remedial services for ailing wells to increase oil production through water shut-off (isolation) and perforating services.

Rig Management
Rig Inspection, Rig Contracting &Management, Rig Repairs
We provide specialty services for land and swamp rigs (light and medium), including rig inspection, evaluation, repairs and management. We have successfully deployed our services in

  • North Africa (Sahara)
  • West Africa (Mauritania & Nigeria)
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